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47 years of fishing experience. Over 35 years of hunting experience. 


Scott has been fishing for 47 years and began taking trips with his Father and Grandfather at the age of five. Fishing has always been his favorite sport!

Scott earned degrees from Vincennes University and Indiana State University while studying fish and wildlife management and law enforcement. After graduating and serving a tour in the U.S. Army Scott moved to Athens Alabama and began fishing Wheeler Lake on the Tennessee River.

Scott began working as a shelldiver where he dove underwater with diving gear to harvest mussel shells from the Tennessee and Coosa River Lakes. He chose this dangerous occupation partly due to his love for fishing -  he knew being underwater every day would allow him to learn things about fish that no one else would ever know.
Scott began fishing tournaments on Wheeler Lake and immediately began winning large open events. After fishing Wheeler Lake for 4 years he became the #1 tournament fisherman on Wheeler Lake. This was one huge accomplishment for a young man! Once you have accomplished being the #1 tournament fisherman on a huge lake like Wheeler you can go to any other lake and repeat. You are at the top of the game!
While living in Kentucky, Alabama, and Indiana Scott has won more than 200 fishing tournaments. Scott has fished in all of the Tennessee River Lakes and has guided on 3 of them.
Scott still likes to dive underwater to observe fish and structure and he is researching the relationship between fish and mussel shells. He plans to publish articles that show underwater photos/videos of fish and mussel shells and detail the best places to fish near shellbeds.

In addition to being a premier Fishing Guide, Scott also offers top-shelf hunting trips. Scott has hunted public land dating back to 1981 when he taught himself to deer hunt. In 1994, Scott started hunting remote public land that he accessed by boat. Most of the time he camped lakeside during these trips. Scott found many secluded areas far from roads and had all the deer to himself, truly an awesome experience. Scott has now brought all of this hunting and camping experience with him to the Kentucky Lake Area.
After spending many years fishing Kentucky Lake Scott moved to the lake to work as a full-time fishing and hunting guide. His Tennessee River roots brought him back to this beautiful body of water to share his passion with others! Scott's focus now is not on winning tournaments but rather keeping his clients happy catching fish.

When it comes down to interpreting fish and structure on any sonar unit Scott knows what he is seeing because he has spent thousands of hours underwater with fish in the best fishing lakes in the country.

Scott has three children -  two sons and a daughter all of which grew up primitive camping, fishing, and hunting. Scott spent 10 years volunteering as a wrestling and baseball coach mentoring youths from ages 5 to 13.

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