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I have been hunting public land for 30 years. I access the areas I hunt by boat and I hunt the areas that are remote and a long way from roads so other hunters don’t enter the areas I hunt. From all my experience in hunting private and public land, I can tell you that hunting Land Between the Lakes here at Kentucky and Barkley Lakes is some of the best trophy buck hunting you will find anywhere public or private land. I have spent many hours scouting, hunting, placing trail cameras and what I have found is that Land Between the Lakes has more shooter bucks per acre or square mile than any land public or private that I have ever hunted. In the four years, I have hunted Land Between the Lakes I have never encountered another bow hunter where I am hunting! I have compared my trail camera pictures with those taken on private hunting farms owned by friends and I get more pictures of Trophy Shooter Bucks!

The reason Land Between the Lakes has so many Trophy Bucks in the remote areas I hunt is simple. There is one two day quota gun hunt and the remainder of the season is all bow hunting. Land Between the Lakes is hunted very lightly during the bow season. The end result is that the bucks don’t get killed and survive to grow big giant racks! Lastly, bucks in LBL have the big rack genetics!

I have spent many hours scouting and gathering trail camera pictures so I can put you in the best areas to harvest a trophy buck! This is real hunting at it’s best. It's not the type of hunting where you are hunting next to a pile of corn or a feeder, there are no high fences, no easy to hunt crop fields, this hunting is real and the big bucks are there. This is for experienced hunters or those that want the wilderness challenge.

From my experience at hunting remote public lands, I have learned many lessons that I can pass along to you! We are all blessed and must be thankful for President Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy for setting aside these vast public lands for us all to enjoy!