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This class is for new fisherman up to and including experienced fisherman.

Learn bass fishing from the basics to the advanced elite level in one day or better yet in a five day on the water course.



In one day we will skim over the basic stuff like seasonal patterns, baits, techniques, boat control, weather, sonar, map interpretation, equipment, ethics, and the truth about fishing.


The five-day course takes a much deeper look into all the above and can be divided into five days during different times of the year or five days in a row covering all aspects and seasons.  We will go over all the information the first few days then you will demonstrate/perform what I have covered with you. Basically you will thoroughly gain many years of experience and learn many things no one else knows.  This is a great course for anyone from the elite level and even for the young aspiring tournament fisherman. Corporate fishing saturates the industry with articles and professional advice designed to sell products. I am here to pass along my hard-earned ethical fishing and diving experiences on to you to the best of my ability. I have absolute confidence in my own experience and knowledge and served as an expert baseball and wrestling coach allowing me to be the best instructor possible.


Cost of course


$400.00 1 day

$1,500.00 5 days


You can get your own lodging and I can assist with that or you can stay at my home.

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